Wooden windows, doors & garden rooms


To produce our products we use soft woods like pine, spruce, meranti and hard wood: oak, ash or teak.

Someone may ask if wood is tough and resistant enough to use it for production of window joinery? The answer is yes! Today, high advanced technology of wood processing makes it "the leading” material in the construction industry. Beginning from unique structure of this building material through appropriate machines, rich knowledge and imagination we reach endless possibilities of shapes and forms. Briefly speaking, almost anything can be made from wood.

The joinery components are made from wood laminated in three or four layers with backward placed graining and the layers are connected together by tenons or micro-dovetails - the connection depends on application of certain components, which results in very stable and resistant to weather conditions structure, which eliminates warping and twisting of components. Besides its functionality wood is also characterised by beauty, aesthetics and unique climate which it causes at every person that is surrounded by wood.



Wooden surfaces are coated with use of hydro-pneumatic or pneumatic way. After wood preservation and coating with colour ground coat two layers of varnish are coated with manual polishing between coatings. This way of coating is characterised by high adhesion of varnish coat to the surface, which provides excellent wood protection against weather conditions. As result the excellent visual effect and aesthetics are achieved, which have great influence to the whole product.

Taking care for our brand we apply environment friendly varnishes produced by the best world standard companies as: RHENOCOLL, SIKKENS, ADLER and TEKNOS. The palette of colours and shades which we offer will fulfil the most sophisticated requirements of our customers!


Movable parts

We use high quality tilt-and-turn, tilt-and-slide, sliding with low threshold and accordion fittings made by MACO. They are aesthetically integrated with the leave of window or French window, made from stainless steel with possibility of the hinge adjustment. Trickle ventilation provides circulation of air in the rooms without necessity of opening or tilting the window. The handle lock plus application of burglar-proof fitting (option) provides full safety.

Entrance door are in standard version equipped with furniture with three locking points made by KFV, which effectively protects against burglars.



Glazing units made by PIKLINGTON with heat transfer factor: K0.5, 0.6 or 0.7 - filled with gas. Optionally we can install sound proof, safe, burglar-proof or one-way glasses.



Replaceable seals made by DEVENTER. Thanks to theirs high elasticity and flexibility they provide optimal sealing of windows and doors, protecting against redundant heat loss from the room. Only neutral silicone putties - unshrinkable. Resistant to weather conditions.


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