Wooden windows, doors & garden rooms

How to maintain acrylic coatings?

Maintenance of acrylic window and door coatings shall be performed regularly twice a year. For that purpose you should use especially designed preservative and cleaning agents. The best for that purpose is to use the Rhenocoll “Pflegeset” agents set. It includes four different agents designed for cleaning, preservation and maintenance of acrylic and wood surfaces. Agents of other producers can be also used but they should be conforming with the equivalents recommended by the producer.

Cleaning or maintenance agents cannot include aggressive solvents and abrasive components. The agents shall be applied with use of soft cloth or sponge!. The window and door joinery can be subject of maintenance not earlier than two months after installation!


How to maintain seals?

To keep the seals elastic and flexible it is necessary to clean them regularly twice a year, before spring-summer season and before autumn-winter season, from possible sediments with use of soft cotton cloth or sponge.


How to maintain movable parts?

The windows and French windows fittings require yearly check and maintenance. For that purpose it is necessary to check all moving components of the fittings which means catches, locking and moving pins, drive transmitting bars that are visible in the slots and to lubricate them with use of silicone paste or cleaning-lubricating oil in spray.

Before use of lubricants, make sure that they are free of components that may damage acrylic wood coat or the anticorrosive fitting coat.


How to maintain glass surfaces?

Cleaning and maintenance of glasses is an individual choice of users. To achieve the best effect we recommend application of specially designed for that purpose cleaning fluids and foams based on vinegar or alcohol as well as microfibre cloths (do not leave streaks) or soft – dust free paper.

Before use of cleaning agent make sure that it is not harmful for the acrylic wood coat and that it is free from abrasive components that may scratch the glass surface and cause irreversible damages!


How to protect joinery during construction works?

Sometimes it is necessary to perform repair works inside or outside the building. The joinery must be properly secured against dust, mechanical damages and all fluids that may damage surface and put the user at unnecessary costs of repair.

To protect joinery properly it is mostly enough to use self-adhesive paper tape and paper or plastic film. The joinery shall be protected the way that the smallest possible number of components is unprotected; the best is when there is no unprotected component left. Large surfaces shall be covered with paper or plastic film and they shall be fixed at the edges with use of self-adhesive paper tape. If there is risk of mechanical damages it is necessary to use air bubble film - for better shock absorbing.

Purchasing the self adhesive tape make sure if it is not harmful for acrylic wood coat - it is the matter of "tearing away acrylic coat together with the tape” or the coat damage by selfadhesive tape glue.


MAZUR Service

Our company is also concerned on complex guarantee and post-guarantee service of our products, the following services are provided:

  • transport of joinery
  • installation (if it is necessary also replacement of the old joinery and complex preparation for installation of the new one)
  • adjustment and replacement of fittings and hinges
  • renovations and repairs of the acrylic wood coat
  • replacement of seals
  • replacement of glasses
  • Details and conditions of the services mentioned above that are not subject of guarantee are available in our head office or by phone.


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