Wooden windows, doors & garden rooms

Wooden Windows

The wooden windows have very long tradition, nothing strange - at least they are made from the oldest building material in the world - the wood.

The windows are very important component in the houses and apartments construction - they are architectural part of the facade as well as part of the building interior finish. Thanks to its colour, structure and function wood is an ideal building material that saves energy and natural environment.

MAZUR windows are available in any shape and dimension: bent, round, triangle, polygonal, two and multi leaves with assignment to modern as well as to monumental architectural objects.

French doors: tilt-and-turn, tilt-and-slide, sliding with low threshold and accordion. See photo gallery in section - Reference projects


Window shutters

Window shutters are the element that additionally emphasizes unique character of the building and its windows, which ideally realise its functions. If you desire to give your house unique character and beauty we are able to fulfil any of your needs.We offer you two types of window shutters:

First type is the openwork type window shutters, wooden frame filled with fixed lamellas or with possibility of the lamellas clearance adjustment.

Second type is the board type window shutters – with frame complete filled with wooden board. The window shutters fit to every window or French window shape, equipped with MACO or ROTO hardware.


Entrance door

The entrance door are showpiece of your house: The entrance door are the very important element of every building. They are the “gate” to our four walls, they protect us against cold or “uninvited guests”.

Thanks to the excellent features of wood and in connection with the modern technology we are able to create the most sophisticated door for application in modern as well as in monumental architectural objects.

The door are produced from softwood plywood: spruce, pine, meranti – or hardwood plywood: oak, ash and teak.

Technical characteristics:

  • any dimensions, patterns and shapes
  • thickness 78mm
  • spruce, pine, meranti, oak, ash and teak wood
  • locks, handles and hinges from renown producers
  • DEVENTER rubber seals
  • optionally burglar-proof, stained-glass glazing
  • painted with Rhenocoll and Sikkens varnishes

    Internal door

    Buying internal door we often have many desires: they should fit to the interior finish – for many years. What is more important, they must be reliable and robust – no one wishes frequent changes in the house as they are simply to expensive and time-consuming.

    We offer you exactly what you are looking for, massive internal door coated with natural veneers of pine, meranti, beech or oak, filled with door panel from natural wood, glass or stained glass. The internal door with avant-garde or traditional design, ideally fitted to every interior style and finish – private as well as offices rooms.

    Technical characteristics:

  • massive internal door
  • any dimensions, patterns and shapes
  • thickness 42mm
  • coated with natural veneers of pine, meranti, beech or oak wood
  • locks, handles and hinges from renown producers
  • DEVENTER rubber gaskets
  • filling from natural wood door-panel, glass or stained-glass
  • coated with Rhenocoll, Sikkens varnishes

    Garden rooms

    We plan, produce and install garden rooms, wood housings of terraces, balconies, for better life comfort.

    There are many reasons why you should have garden room. It efficiently increases living room. Man can release the everyday stress and enjoys rays of sunshine all year long. Thanks to the unique climate, the garden room quickly becomes the most important room and main place of family meetings.

    The structure of our garden rooms is based on framework made from laminated pine or oak wood with use of the best sealing materials and low-emission, safety glasses. We offer wide range of technical and architectural solutions.



    The additional finishing components are:

  • Muntins and mullions in Vienna style, structural or in the shape of opened frame
  • Wooden window sills - internal
  • Thermal insulating drip caps and glass strips - aluminium
  • Window opening limiters
  • Air grates

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